Cold Pressed Mung daal  - 450gm, 50, 450 gm
  • Cold Pressed Mung daal  - 450gm, 50, 450 gm
  • Cold Pressed Mung daal  - 450gm, 50, 450 gm

Cold Pressed Mung daal

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Cold Press or Stone Pound Pulses 

 Daal or pulses are very common in the Indian cuisine or mainly in Bengali cuisine .In India from the vaidic time the pulses are processed via stone grinder ,it is a manual process by which the pulses are dehusked.  Pulses are the main sources of protein, carbohydrate and low in fat. It is very easy to cock and low in price. In the process of stone grounding no heat is generated and the pulses are without polished. As a result of this all the essential oil of the pulses are intake in it. The protein value of pulses are high due to this process. As the pulses are not polished the fiber and other mineral value is always high other than the regular pulses ,sold in the market. The nutritional values of the stone ground pulses are energy 315 to 360 kcals, protein 17 to 28 gm ,fat 1 to 3 gm, minerals 1 to 3 gm ,fiber 2 to 4 gm, calcium 60 to 260 mg, Phosphorus 230 to 414 mg, iron 36 to 7 mg. 

Who need it most ?

Gym worker or body builder, growing children, ladies, those who suffer from protein deficiency and suffering from regular hair fall.

Cocking process 

Cock it in a low flame or in a presser cocker .In presser cocker off the flame after one whistle  and remain it on the oven for one to two minutes.


One or two times in a week. Not recommended for those who are not able to digest high protein.








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